The collective Defenseurs Plus condemns the cruel assassination of three national police officers from the temporary anti-gang unit

  • June 12, 2024
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Defenseurs Plus, a human rights organization, condemns the cruel assassination of three national police officers from the Temporary Anti-Gang Unit in Delmas 18, this Sunday, June 9 by bandits from the criminal gang federation called “Viv ansanm.” Another police officer was seriously injured and an armored vehicle was set on fire during an ambush. Despite efforts, around thirty police officers have been killed by armed bandits since the beginning of the year 2024. More than thirty armed attacks against national police facilities have been recorded in several departments of the country, with the most recent being the attack on the police station in the city of Gressier last May. These heinous and barbaric acts occur in the context of a long-awaited Multinational Security Support Mission established by the United Nations Security Council on October 2, 2023.

The insecurity phenomenon has been increasing for the past three years. Peaceful citizens or agents of the Haitian National Police are frequently targeted by armed bandits. In 2023, the Defenseurs Plus collective monitored 37 cases of deaths within the PNH in its annual report. This year, the number is expected to rise if appropriate measures are not taken by the new government team.

The Collective extends its condolences to the families of the victims and to all police officers mourning the heinous murder of their comrades. It demands justice for these police officers. Additionally, Defenseurs Plus urges the new Minister of Justice and Security, Mr. Carlos Hercule, to enhance leadership and management capabilities within the Police High Command to address the security and protection needs of the Haitian population. Defenseurs Plus calls on the competent authorities to take all necessary measures to strengthen the operational capacity of the National Police in order to neutralize the coalition of armed gangs and promote a climate of peace and serenity throughout the national territory.


Done in Port-au-Prince, June 11, 2024.


Wilkenson F. Jr Jn Denis

Head of Legal Affairs

Tel: +509 3195-1475

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