March 29, 1987- March 29, 2023: Haiti misses the constitutional ideal for 36 years

The Collective Defenseurs Plus recalls that March 29, 2023 marks the 36th year of the adoption of the Haitian constitution. On March 29, 1987, the Haitian people voted for the most democratic constitution in their history that would allow them to take the path of social and economic progress. This constitution obliges the State to be at the service of the population as bearer of obligations and guarantor of fundamental rights and public freedoms. It also obliges the citizens to defend the fatherland in case of danger; to be responsible for the defense of democratic and republican achievements by fulfilling their civic duties.

In 2023, considering the alarming situation of the country, the collapse of the Haitian state, the drain of skills to foreign countries, and the passivity of citizens, we question the democratic record 36 years after the adoption of the constitution of 1987. Defenders Plus believes that the sustainable development of Haiti inevitably depends on respect for democratic principles and the proper functioning of republican institutions. Thus, the application and respect of the mother law of the country are essential.

By analyzing the rights guaranteed by the Haitian constitution, it is obvious that the various personalities who have come to power are responsible, for the most part, for our misfortunes. Their governance practices have nothing to do with constitutional prescriptions. Fundamental rights and public freedoms have been trampled upon in violation of national laws and international conventions.

In 2023, leaders are still waiting for foreign military forces to act in their place and protect their political and economic powers. Which is totally contrary to the constitutional ideal of 1987 and to the act of Haitian independence of 1804. The de facto government of the Republic admits to being unable to prevent the fragmentation of the national territory by armed groups guided by economic and political interests. The various political and social crises resulting in political assassinations, media lynchings, the massive departure of young people and professionals abroad, among others, have greatly affected the democratic process established by the 1987 constitution.

When will the return to constitutional order in Haiti be asked more than one? When will the repeated attacks by armed groups against the population stop, under the complicit gaze of a government without legitimacy and without legality? How many deaths and gang rapes does it take in Haiti to attract the attention of international human rights bodies?

The Collective Defenseurs Plus calls for a national awakening to fight against the heinous crimes committed against a beleaguered and defenseless population, with de facto and reckless leaders. Furthermore, Defenders Plus believes that it is urgent to create favorable conditions for the return to constitutional order in Haiti. The living forces of the nation are invited to dialogue and action for the defense of democratic and constitutional achievements.

Done in Port-au-Prince, March 28, 2023


Antonal MORTIME, Av.

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