Défenseurs Plus

Collective Defending Human Rights

The collective defending Human Rights "Defenseurs Plus" is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and effective defense of Human Rights across the country based on the various Conventions and Treaties ratified by the Haitian State.

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Promote and defend Human Rights in Haiti to achieve a true democratic rule of law

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Target audience

We work in general with the entire Haitian population and organizations working in the field of Human Rights.

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Fight social exclusion in Haiti, Advocate for the respect of Human Rights, Promote the democratic values ​​of the rule of law

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Sphere of intervention

We operate throughout the country with the help of our various representatives.

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Our recent publications

The collective Defenseurs Plus condemns the cruel assassination of three national police officers from the temporary anti-gang unit

Defenseurs Plus, a human rights organization, condemns the cruel assassination of three national police officers...

Call to Haitian authorities for the protection of a healthy environment conducive to the enjoyment and protection of human rights

In the face of the negligence of the Haitian authorities, which is manifested by a...

Human rights must be at the center of the interventions of the Multinational Security Support Mission in Haiti.

 Défenseurs Plus expresses its deep concerns about the lack of information regarding the deployment process...

The preparations for the deployment of the Multinational Security Support Mission in Haiti: Haitian authorities are invited to inform the population

Haitian human rights organizations, members of the International Human Rights Observatory, observe the beginning of preparations...

Défenseurs Plus launches a call for solidarity to fight against all forms of violence against women and girls living with disabilities

Worldwide, December 3 has been celebrated since 1992 as the International Day of Persons with...

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