Call to Haitian authorities for the protection of a healthy environment conducive to the enjoyment and protection of human rights

In the face of the negligence of the Haitian authorities, which is manifested by a lack of concern for the environmental state of the country, the collective “Défenseurs Plus ” denounces the unsanitary situation in which the country finds itself; a continuous degradation of the environment and our ecosystem. It urges the new executive authorities to take concrete actions to protect the Haitian ecosystem and rehabilitate its environment in order to improve the living conditions of the population. On the occasion of the celebration of “World Environment Day” celebrated on June 5th of each year, the “Défenseurs Plus ” collective notes that no steps are taken to mark this date and commit to respecting the principles aimed at protecting the environment in Haiti.

The “Défenseurs Plus ” collective strongly encourages the new Haitian authorities to take responsibility for the population by protecting their living space and working towards the sustainable development of the country. Haiti is one of the most deforested countries in the Caribbean region, which constitutes a constant threat to the Haitian population. Furthermore, the absence of a household waste treatment system and the pollution from subcontracting factories greatly contribute to the deterioration of the population’s quality of life.

The right to a healthy environment, recognized by international law, takes into account the right to a set of elements that can contribute to environmental protection and recognize human well-being. Thus, the State must guarantee the protection of the population in order to promote collective well-being. This year’s “World Environment Day” is celebrated around the theme “Our land, our future.” This message is a call for land restoration, the cessation of desertification, and the strengthening of resistance to disastrous events caused by climate change. It also serves as a warning to the Haitian government to establish environmental care programs, conduct awareness campaigns to curb actions that contribute to environmental degradation in the country.

In Haiti, despite our ecological vulnerability and the threats of the cyclone season, with the rise of the “EL NINO” phenomenon, the authorities of the country are not taking any initiative to inform and sensitize the population about the possible consequences of environmental problems. The recent landslide in Cap-Haïtien from Wednesday, May 1st to Thursday, May 2nd, 2024, which caused the death of 10 of our compatriots, is proof of this inaction by our leaders. Furthermore, the complicit silence or complicity of the authorities continues to facilitate the importation of plastic products (foam), increasing the danger to the population.

The non-compliance with the right to a healthy environment in Haiti is a major problem that requires efforts from the country’s leaders and collective awareness among the population. In this sense, the collective “Defenders Plus” demands that the Haitian government take concrete actions to allow the Haitian population to enjoy their right to live in a healthy environment. This is one of the urgent issues of the hour. Consequently, the population could benefit from the right to life, access to clean water, healthy food, the right to health, among others. Défenseurs Plus  points out that the non-compliance with the right to a healthy environment can lead to the violation of several other human rights, including the right to life and collective well-being.

Done in Port-au-Prince, June 4, 2024.


Frimens Deverson DUVAL

Communication Manager

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