The Défenseurs Plus collective acknowledges the appointment of Mr. Garry CONILLE as the Prime Minister of the Republic by the Presidential Transition Council and makes proposals to the new leaders of the Republic

The Défenseurs Plus collective acknowledges the appointment of Mr. Garry CONILLE as the Prime Minister of the Republic by the Presidential Transition Council.This nomination comes in an extremely polarized economic and sociopolitical context where the expectations of the Haitian population are numerous. The main concerns of our fellow citizens are security conditions, economic recovery,and institutional normality . Despite the irregularities that characterize both the Presidential Transition Council and its government, the Défenseurs Plus collective believes it is important to suggest priorities to the new authorities of the country.

Here are the recommended priority areas for the new leadership team:

1. Restoration of State Authority and Improved Security Conditions:
– The Haitian population, both within the country and abroad, expects the transitional government to effectively work towards restoring order and security. Haiti faces high levels of violence, insecurity, and widespread criminality, leading to systematic violations of human rights, including the right to life, protection, and freedom of movement.

2. Effective Management of Humanitarian Crises:
– The government must address the humanitarian crises caused by violence and the inaction of the previous Prime Minister, Ariel HENRI. Hundreds of thousands of people are homeless and need government support for dignified housing. Additionally, the five million people suffering from hunger must have access to food, as guaranteed by Haitian laws and internationally recognized conventions. Hospitals must resume operations to provide necessary care to the sick. Transparent, efficient, and effective management of international aid and the national budget is crucial.

3. Measures for Economic Improvement:
– Prime Minister Garry CONILLE is urged to implement policies that promote economic growth and improve living conditions for the Haitian population. Special attention should be given to residents of popular neighborhoods, the lower parts of Port-au-Prince, and rural areas to address extreme poverty in Haiti.

4. Initiating Public Governance Reforms:
– The government should engage in administrative reforms to combat corruption and strengthen political and judicial institutions. These institutional reforms should be based on a human rights approach, ensuring that public institutions serve the population inclusively.

5. Establishment of Investigation and Complaint Mechanisms for Justice and Compensation:
– The Défenseurs Plus collective encourages the institutionalization of a commission for justice and reparations for victims of murder, rape, looting, and arson in Haiti, particularly in the Western and Artibonite departments over the past five years. These mechanisms should advance the judicial cases of emblematic assassinations, including that of President Jovenel MOISE in July 2021 and Bâtonnier Monférieur DORVAL in August 2020.

6. Activation of the Electoral Machinery and Organization of Credible Elections:
– Haiti must move towards political and institutional stabilization while respecting its sovereignty and right to self-determination. The government and the Presidential Council are expected to organize free and inclusive elections to restore democratic and constitutional order. Since the assassination of President Jovenel MOISE, Haiti has had de facto leaders without legitimacy, and armed violence has escalated, endangering everyone’s lives.

7. Constructive and Autonomous Relations with the International Community:
– The new leadership team should establish a foundation for more constructive relations with international bodies and other countries, respecting Haiti’s sovereignty. Prime Minister Garry CONILLE and President of the Presidential Council, Mr. Edgard LEBLANC FILS, are expected to maintain positive relations with the United Nations, the Organization of American States, and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to support democratic governance and necessary investments for the country’s reconstruction.

Done in Port-au-Prince, on May 31, 2024.


Frimens Deverson DUVAL

Communication Manager

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