May 3, 2013-May 3, 2023: 10 years of the Defenseurs Plus collective serving the promotion and defense of human rights in Haiti

This May 3, 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the Defenders Plus collective. Despite the chaotic situation in which the country currently finds itself, the organization does not wish to leave the day of its 10th anniversary in silence. These ten years are none other than the combination of many efforts for the respect and promotion of human rights, also for the promotion of the democratic rule of law. Indeed, since February 7, 1986, the political dynamics of the Republic of Haiti is part of a process of democracy. Thus, to get in step with the requirements of the latter, the Defenders Plus collective has always known how to play its part. This, in accordance with its mission to promote the universal values of human rights to achieve a true democratic rule of law.


Both through its advocacy program which is responsible for the development and publication of reports on the evolution of human rights in Haiti as well as legal support programs, the Defenders Plus collective has always stood alongside the population. Haitian. Or through these psychosocial assistance and socio-economic support programs for women and girls who are victims of violence of all kinds: physical, sexual, among others. Aware that these actions alone cannot solve the various human rights problems that plague our society, the Defenders Plus collective continues to fight for the recovery of state institutions so that they can play their role in the construction of democracy.


It is also an opportunity for the collective to thank all those who have supported it during these 10 years in the service of the promotion and defense of human rights in Haiti. So we thank the entities of the press and communication sector who have always given media coverage to all our activities. We thank our partners such as other civil society organizations as well as international partners for their material and financial support in carrying out our actions. We thank all the contributors who in one way or another have supported our projects in favor of democracy and the rule of law in Haiti. A special thank you to all our field agents, human rights monitors in the different municipalities of the country. Thanks to these people in the field, the Defenders Plus collective was able to collect relevant information in real time on human rights violations and to be able to inform and support members of the Haitian population.


Let’s build together an inclusive human rights movement for a democratic society!

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