In the face of the non-respect of the right to life and to demonstrate: the Collective Defenders Plus condemns violence within public demonstrations

The Collective Defenseurs Plus notes with indignation the violation of the right of citizens and citizens to take part in public demonstrations. During the last three (3) days of protest against insecurity and the dear life, between August 22 and August 24, the lives of at least four (4) people were taken in Cayes and Delmas, and in At least 19 people were injured in Port-au-Prince, Petit-Goave, Jacmel and Cayes. According to some sources, two agents of the Departmental Unit for the Maintenance of Order (UDMO) and the Brigade de lutte contre le trafic des narcotics (BLTS), would have made an abusive use of tear gas and cartridges. This would have caused victims. Défenseurs Plus deplores the abuse of force during demonstrations.

The right to protest is fundamentally recognized and protected by the Haitian Constitution of 1987. It is a freedom guaranteed by law and that cannot be violated. This right is legally anchored in Article 31 of the Haitian Constitution, which specifies that: “Freedom of association and assembly without arms for political, economic, social, cultural or other peaceful purposes is guaranteed.” . A guarantee that is reinforced by the decree of July 23, 1987, in its article 1, defining the demonstration as any gathering of individuals exceeding twenty (20) people, for political, economic, social, cultural or all other peaceful purposes. .

Défenseurs Plus salutes the courage of citizens who demand living conditions worthy of human beings. The Haitian people live a terrible time with a criminal insecurity that includes rapes, kidnappings, and murders, etc. At the same time, the high cost of living and the scarcity of fuel fuel the precarious situation of citizens. With all these problems that confront the population, it has the right to demonstrate freely and demand from the state authorities the respect of their missions.

To this effect, the Collective Defenders Plus demands from the government authorities, to act to guarantee the right to life and the dignity of each one. The National Police of Haiti (PNH) is called to honorably accompany groups of people who demand better living conditions. Défenseurs Plus takes the opportunity to share its sympathies with the families of the victims.


Done at Port-au-Prince, on August 25, 2022


Samendina Lumane JEAN
Responsible for Communication and Advocacy
(509) 4737 69 60

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