Gun attack on Défenseurs Plus Office.

The Collectif Défenseurs Plus condemns strongly the attack that his main office has been subject to on September Sunday 20th night. Défenseurs Plus is an organization that is fighting for so long for the respect of human rights in the country, rights such as right to life, food and security. So this attack, where unidentified individuals shot at man’s height on our office, is a shock for us.

Défenseurs Plus will not stop asking the Government to take his responsibility to guarantee rights to life and security to all citizens. He is also asking the Justice authorities to investigate on this attack on his office and to investigate also on the many murders that have happened in this country. As a reminder, Défenseurs Plus is an organization who is promoting and defends Haitian rights for more than six years, and who is fighting for the emergence of a society where everyone can have justice.



Port-au-Prince, 21 september 2020


                                                                                                                                     Samendina L. JEAN

Responsable de Communication

509 47376960

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