World Water Day: the Collective Defenders Plus sounds the alarm

Adopted on February 22, 1993 by the United Nations General Assembly, World Water Day is celebrated on March 22 each year around the world. Being inherent to the survival of the human person, access to drinking water and sanitation has been elevated to the rank of human rights since 2010. The problem of water is widespread and has become recurrent throughout the world. . According to the organization Solidarités International, 2.2 billion human beings do not have access to domestic drinking water supply services. In Haiti, he has barely mentioned access to water, even to drinking water. However, we run the risk of experiencing the worst if no action is taken. Evidenced by the latest environmental sign of the catastrophic situation of the country that is the fire of our forests, notes the Collective Defenseurs Plus.

This common heritage of humanity that is water is very threatened in Haiti in the face of the mismanagement of our environment. The drying up of sources and the absence of a water management policy and environmental problems are among the causes of this threat. In some areas of the metropolitan area service water has become very rare, and the price per gallon is up to 50 gourdes. The issue of water can be raised in terms of quality, quantity and accessibility. This situation is even more serious compared to the rise of cholera cases in the country which is added to the cases of ordinary diarrhea in children causing their death in some cases. Worldwide, more than 361,000 children under the age of five (5) die each year from diarrhea caused by inadequate access to water, sanitation and hygiene according to international reports. The regions most affected by the absence and shortage of water in Haiti are: the commune of Cornillon/Grand Bois and certain districts of the metropolitan area, regions of the departments of the Northeast, Grand’anse, Nippes and the South.

Consequently, the Collective Defenseurs Plus urges the power in place to accelerate change as requested by the theme chosen for this year by defining real policies for the protection of the environment and water management. In addition, he asks the population to mobilize to defend access to water as a human right in Haiti because our life depends on it.

Made in Port-au-Prince, March 22, 2023

Wilkenson Franklyn Junior JN DENIS
Head of Legal Affairs
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