The Collective Defenders Plus welcomes the latest popular protests and calls for consultation for a lasting solution to the Haitian sociopolitical crisis.

In this quest for well-being, the Haitian people have not stopped proving their infallible courage to fight against social injustice. Thus, the Collective Defenders Plus once again salutes the courage of the Haitian people who, in this conjuncture of political and institutional crisis, spits this anger through the streets in the different regions of the country against the unpopular measures of the government in place. Indeed, since two weeks the streets of the capital and those of the cities of the provinces have been the scene of popular demonstrations: streets blocked with burning tires, looting in the cities of Jérémie, des Cayes, des Gonaïves, St. Marc, de Hinche, among others… All this popular anger is only the consequences of the increase in the price of petroleum products by 128% by the government in place, which has neither popular legitimacy nor legality. However, it should be noted that alongside this increase in petroleum products, the country already had an inflation rate of 30.5% for the month of July, according to data from the Haitian Institute of Statistics and Statistics. IT (IHSI).

The Collective Defenders Plus condemns the aggressiveness of the forces of order during the various popular demonstrations where the popular masses demand the establishment of a State that can respond to their primary needs (education, work, health, housing…). This situation has caused the death of approximately 10 people in different regions of the country including the young Widley Veron, the second national winner of the last state exams, brutally murdered on the way to the airport on Thursday, September 15, 2022. Also he deplored the case of the victims by real and rubber bullets or with unarmed weapons in the demonstrations in Port au Prince, Cayes, Gonaïves and Jacmel.

To this effect, Défenseurs Plus sends its sympathies to all the victims as well as to all those who have suffered other forms of violence during the period of the country’s turmoil, provoked by the de facto government. In relation to all these acts of violation of human rights, the Defenders Plus Collective invites all victims to file a complaint and demand justice and reparation from the judicial authorities. At the same time, he demands the release of all the people arrested during the period of protests, whose reasons for their arrest are not clearly elucidated.

The Défenseurs Plus collective asks all the actors of the civil society to join the step for a deep change in the political orientation of the country. In addition, he invites the population to maintain peaceful protest movements for the guarantee of better-being and respect for their fundamental rights. Moreover, he asks the authorities in place to suspend the inhumane decision to increase the prices of petroleum products, all while considering the difficult economic crisis that is happening in the country.


MAde at Port-au-Prince, September 23, 2022


Samendina Lumane JEAN
Responsible for Communication and Advocacy
509 4737 69 60

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