The complicit silence of the Haitian government in the face of the increase in public transport prices, Défenseurs Plus raises a cry of alarm

The attribution of fixing public transport prices is one of the exclusive prerogatives of the Haitian state. However, the Collective Defenders Plus has observed since several months, an increase in the prices of the different circuits provided by public transport. However, no press release or any other administrative or legal act related to such purposes has been published to inform the company of these new increases. À cet effet, le
Collective Defenders Plus condemns the complicit silence of the various government authorities which will only weaken the most vulnerable more and more.

In fact, the increase in the price of public transport has experienced an exponential rise in recent days. In certain cases, the prices increase by 50% until they go beyond doubling. In other cases, the drivers divert the routes defined by the competent authorities. As an example, the Portail Léogâne-Clercine circuit is sometimes divided into two (2), going from Portail Léogâne to the airport intersection, then from the airport intersection to Clercine. This translates to double the price for a circuit. This practice constitutes a violation of article 196 of the decree of May 26, 2006 on the registration and circulation of vehicles, which states: a special authorization from the competent service. »

Considering that all the country’s economic indicators are deadlocked (inflation ranging from more than 29%, an unemployment and underemployment rate reaching more than 60% according to data from the IHSI and the Banque de la République d’Haiti), this situation is not without consequence on the lives of those who are at the bottom of the socio-economic scale. such as subcontracted workers who earn a meager salary. consequence on the lives of those who are at the bottom of the socio-economic scale, such as subcontracting workers who earn a meager salary.

The Defenseurs Plus Collective, an organization for the defense and promotion of human rights, has a particular focus on consumer rights. Therefore, he urges the competent authorities to take into account the vulnerability of the population that lives in an economic and social situation that is more and more precarious, to get out of their complicit silence and to take responsibility for the bad practices related to it shortage of fuel that has lasted too long.

Done at Port-au-Prince, August 3, 2022

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