Message from the collective ” Défenseurs Plus “on the occasion of its 11th anniversary

  • May 6, 2024
  • Lekene Jensen Dufort
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Dear colleagues and friends, defenders of human rights,

We are now in the 11th year since the foundation of our community of defenders and activists for human rights and democracy. 11 years of struggle, 11 years of advocacy with local authorities and the central government for the implementation of social rights. 11 years of administration and management of our material resources and the potential of our fellow human rights activists, university interns, and volunteers in our institution. 11 years of fighting for a free press that promotes freedom of expression. 11 years of collaboration with our authorities to safeguard democratic achievements in the country.

The leadership of Défenseurs Plus would like to thank all those who have contributed to this great path of building a democratic rule of law. Press workers and journalists are warmly thanked. We are grateful to our financial partners, service providers, and colleagues from other human rights organizations. We thank you for your support, advice, and constructive criticism. Dear friends and colleagues, we want to inform you that we will continue to rely on your support, constructive criticism, suggestions, and proposed actions to advance the cause of human rights in Haiti and its diaspora.

In the year 2024, the need to involve oneself in the struggle for the promotion and defense of human rights has become a civic obligation. For this reason, we make an urgent appeal to the young people of our country, here and elsewhere, the strength of our nation, to join us in this citizen movement to contribute to the strengthening of democracy in Haiti.

In this perspective, we commit to continue working with young organizations dedicated to the defense of democracy and human rights in a context where the right to life is constantly threatened. We will continue to rely on your support and work with the Haitian population for collective well-being and respect for human dignity. Therefore, collective and shared leadership remains among our strategies for action. And we will continue to promote leadership that is open to criticism, creativity, and innovation, capable of achieving concrete results for our community of defenders.

Good fight to all!

Port-au-Prince, May 3, 2024

The Management

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